Our only focus is on the excellent management of homeowners associations (“HOA’s”). Period.
— Mike Romo, CEO

Specialty HOA services we provide:

  • FiveStar2GO App
    • Owners can access account balances and make payments as well as maintenance requests
  • Social Media Interest Pages
  • Home Value Consultations
  • Social Club, Special Event, Activity Management

STandard HOA Services we provide:

  • Professional Financial & Accounting:
    • Certified Community Association Managers
    • Prepare the annual budget
    • Review of monthly financials
    • Collaborate with the association’s CPA for Yearend Audit/Review
    • Mail monthly assessment billing
    • Mail statements along with any account receivables
    • Track and process collections on all delinquencies
    • Provide multiple payment methods, such as ACH, Online Payments (E-Checks/Credit Cards), and Checks
  • Full Customer Service Department
    • New Homeowner Welcome Packets
    • Escrow demands handled promptly
    • All phone calls are handled by a representative familiar with your community
    • 24 Hour Emergency Services
  • Property Operations Management
    • Vendor Management 
    • Conduct Site Inspections utilizing our App for accurate tracking of maintenance work orders and compliance enforcement
    • Distribute compliance notices with photos and additional details
    • Accurately track all violations, work orders, architectural applications, etc.
  • Davis Stirling Corporation Code Adherence
    • Draft Meeting Minutes for the Board to review and approve
    • Prepare Board Packets based on the Board Directives
    • Conduct Meetings
    • Organize the annual election
  • Liability & Risk Management
    • Coordinate Liability Assessments
    • Monitor and track the insurance for all association vendors